June 13, 2013

Saturday Night Worship Services

My family experienced a life changing event last week while on vacation. The Saturday night worship service.

I've attended Saturday night services before, but what made this one different is that I didn't chase it with a Sunday morning service. I have always double dipped instead of letting the Saturday night service stand on its own. Because you never know if God really counts the Saturday night service or not on your attendance record.

What made the Saturday night worship service so special?

1) Preset ready. No one had to be woken up or have a cup of coffee before getting ready. I wasn't yelling at everyone telling them that if they didn't hurry I was going to leave like the rapture. Everyone was already pretty much ready.

2) Snooze button free. On Saturday night, we turned off the alarm clocks and rested the next day.

3) First service, first rehearsal. Churches with multiple services know that the first one is a rehearsal. While I didn't see any mistakes, it just felt like the band and the preacher were more fresh. They were saying things for the first time instead of the fourth.

4) Attitude of anticipation. I've been to this church quite a few times. And I feel I have a pretty good grasp on it. I have nothing negative to say. It's an awesome church. But on this Saturday night there seemed to be a slightly different attitude.

Everyone seemed to be excited to be there. This is based on how loud the foyer was before and after the service. People were lingering. People were standing around talking and laughing. No one seemed to show up just because it was Saturday night and that's what you do on Saturday night you go to church.

5) Didn't have to beat the Baptist to lunch. There was no rush to beat the church across the street out for lunch.

6) Date night. If only we would have taken the girls to childcare, I could've counted it as a date night with my wife. Although, she probably wouldn't have seen it the same way.

Going to church on a Saturday night was a nice change of pace. When your Christian practices get a little stale, it's nice to shake things up a little.

Have you ever gone to a Saturday night service? How did you like it?

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